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It’s a New World: Remote Workspace Essentials

Over the past two years many things have changed, especially when it comes to remote working. As a real estate agent and technology trainer, having the right tools for my ever changing workspace is essential to my success. Here is a breakdown of my tips for staying fluid and efficient in your business.

Ditch the Desktop

Whether you are an Apple or PC fan, set yourself up for success and future proof your purchases by investing in a quality Laptop with as much processor as your budget can handle. HDMI and USB-C ports are the new standards. USB-C can deliver not only power but audio, video, and peripheral support (scanners, printers, etc.). Choose a system that offers multiple USB-C connections. Adapters are available for HDMI, DisplayPort, and legacy DVI/VGA connections.

Docking Stations

Although I find myself at various locations during the day, having a dock for my home and business office eliminates the cord shuffle and allows me to simply plug in one cord into my laptop to connect to my multiple monitors, speakers, webcam, etc. and saves having to purchase and maintain a separate computer at those locations.

Cloud Storage

A few years ago my hard drive failed and was unrecoverable. Since then I have embraced cloud storage and seldom save a file to my laptop with out also saving it to the cloud. There are several options out there, I prefer Google Drive and Dropbox. Both have options to store both local and cloud versions of a file and keep them in sync. This also allows me to access files with another computer or my mobile device in a pinch.


I have become spoiled using multiple monitors at home and in the office. Working on one and referencing information on the other is efficient and saves time. Travel Monitors are great when you require multiple screens on the go and there are stand alone and clip on type solutions which make this easy. I recommend the ViewSonic VA1655 15.6 Inch 1080p Portable IPS Monitor. It comes with both USB-C and Mini-HDMI connections and has built-in speakers. Mac users can also use an iPad to extend their desktop.

Connecting to external displays

For dependability and ease of use, you can’t beat a quality HDMI cable to connect your laptop to an available TV or projector. Choosing one with a 25 foot cable will accommodate most situations. There are wireless options out there and most 2020 or newer smart tv’s come with Apple Airplay which is great for Mac users and works the same as mirroring your Mac to an Apple TV.


Build yourself an adapter pack! being able to adapt to different connections (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, or VGA) will save you time and aggravation. In addition to AV connections, I often come across older devices that use mini and micro USB connections, having a basic USB cable with multiple connections on the other end has saved the day on multiple occasions.


The little things can make a big difference. Other suggestions for supporting your traveling office include ear phones, a mouse and a commuter style backpack to organize and carry your office.

Don't neglect your mobile phone

This is especially important for those of us that fly frequently and attend conferences. Places to charge your phone are not always convenient. I rely on my battery pack (which also doubles as a power adapter) and pack along a 10 foot charging cable.

The World is your Office

Your workspace is what you make it. Being mobile and working to your mood can be a boon for productivity and inspiration. Is it a coffee shop day or is the picnic table outside calling your name? Is collaboration the key?

Leverage technology, stay mobile, and open to new experiences!

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